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por alguna razón esto lo tenía guardado desde principios del semestre yo creo…

Your Lust Quotient: 58%

You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it.
Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild!

How Much Lust Do You Have?

Your Dating Purity Score: 57%

You are an average dater.
You’re experienced enough to be a great girlfriend or boyfriend…
Though you still may be figuring out exactly what you want in love!

Dating Purity Test

You Are An Atheist

God? No thanks. You’re not buying into any religion.
They’re all bunk to you. You rather focus on what you know is true.
You may be a passive non-believer or a rabid atheist activist.
But one thing is for sure… no one’s going to make you go to church!

Are You an Atheist, Agnostic or a Believer?

Your Values Profile

You value loyalty a fair amount.You’re loyal to your friends… to a point.But if they cross you, you will reconsider your loyalties.Staying true to others is important to you, but you also stay true to yourself.


You value honesty a fair amount.

You’re honest when you can be, but you aren’t a stickler for it.

If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you’ll go for it.

In the end, you mostly care about “situational integrity.”


You don’t really value generosity.

Your needs always come first, no matter what.

And you’ll possibly help someone else out…

But only if it helps you in return.


You value humility a fair amount.

You tend to be an easy going, humble person.

But occasionally your ego takes over.

You have a slight competitive streak – and the need to be the best.


You value tolerance highly.

Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you…

You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.

You think there are many truths in life, and you’re open to many of them.

The Five Factor Values Test


I shall rule!!!

You Are Destined to Rule the World

You have the makings of a very evil dictator…
Which is both kind of cool and kind of scary!Will you rule the world? Maybe. Maybe not.

But at least you know that you could.

Are You Destined For World Domination?



You Are 43% Pure

You’re not so innocent… in fact, you’re quite unpure.
You have seen and experienced a lot. And you’re no worse for the wear!

Dos más..

You Are 48% Sociopath

You’re not a sociopath, but you’re very prone to antisocial behavior.
Other people’s opinions matter little to you. You live your own fringe life – for better or worse.

Are You A Sociopath?

You Are 66% Evil

You are very evil. And you’re too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

How Evil Are You?

Bueno, uno más

nerd test

y antes de ke gian “no mames , ya otro post? y tan rápido???” pues es solo el resultado de otro test o quiz o como kieran llamarle. Esto ya lo había hecho hace unos años cuando estaba en prepa y mi calificación fue de 96 y esta es la de hoy:

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Así que creo ke sigo siendo casi igual de ñoño, pero nada en exceso